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Generic information about WJHI


The Ward Junior Home International is an annual competition between the four home countries, England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
They are hosted in rotation by each of these countries and take place in the early autumn.
The competition consists of an Individual race on the Saturday followed by a Relay on the Sunday.
An agreed scoring system determines the winner on each day and the overall winner.


Each country enters a team made up of 4 M/W14’s, 16’s and 18’s – a total of 24 athletes. The relay teams are made up of one M/W14 team, one M/W16 and one M/W18 team per country a total of 6 relay teams.


Every effort is made to accommodate the teams in one location. The hosts also arrange a dinner for the Saturday evening, usually followed by a ceidhl.

The event is named after the original benefactors of this event, the Elsie and Bertie Ward fund and has been in existence since the late 1970’s.


WJHI rules on the British Orienteering website

On individual day England forged ahead by 7 points and followed it with an 8 point gap on the relays.
Ireland had another successful event beating Wales to win the Judith Wingham Platter.


Day 1 Individual

1st England 80 points

2nd Scotland 73 points

3rd Ireland 35 points

4th Wales 27 points

Individual Trophy Winner - England

Day 2 Relays


1st England 26 Points

= Scotland 26 points

3rd Ireland 12 points

4th Wales 8 points


1st England 30 points

2nd Scotland 22 points

3rd Ireland 14 points

4th Wales 6 points

Relay Trophy Winner England

Combined Score for both days

1st England 136 points

2nd Scotland 121 points

3rd Ireland 61 points

4th Wales 41 Points

Ward International Trophy Winner - England

The Judith Wingham Platter Winner - Ireland