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The Junior Regional Orienteering Squads (JROS) was set up to further develop the junior orienteering talent which is nurtured by the 12 Regional Squads.

As such JROS has, for the last 10 years organised and managed a number of training camps for junior orienteers.

These camps vary in length and in the age of the orienteers attending them, but they all share the same objective, that is to develop the orienteering talents of youngsters by giving them the opportunity to train over a period with like-minded individuals, in a variety of terrains and under the supervision of experienced coaches.

However, these opportunities cannot go ahead without the support of volunteers who provide a range of skills including Team Management, Chefs, Coaching Managers, Senior and Assistant Coaches and in-Forest Teams.

Here are comments from previous junior coaches who attended the Lagganlia Camp:

I really enjoyed coaching on Lagganlia. Previously the only coaching I had done was with very inexperienced juniors in my school and club so getting the chance to coach juniors at a TD5 level was much more interesting.

Dealing with real athletes in real situations helps to develop skills and experience much faster than in an artificial classroom situation and the intense (regular 14 hour days) nature of the camp only enhanced this.

If you would like to offer your time – no previous experience is necessary – to help support juniors in one or more of these training camps, please complete the form below.

Volunteer Availability Form

Outline of the Camps


(Saturday 3rd August   – Saturday 10th August  July 2024)

Based at the Lagganlia OEC near to Aviemore in Scotland this camp caters for approximately 24 M/W14’s. Staffing is usually around 14 coaches and a forest team supported by two chefs (lead and assistant), all managed by the Team Manager. The camp lasts for 6 days training, Sunday to Friday with assembly on Saturday. We would be pleased if someone wishes to undertake an Assistant camp manager position

Much of the coaching is aimed at teaching the basic technical skills within a wide variety of situations and venues.

This is an ideal camp for those who have never attended a camp as a coach and is an excellent opportunity for Level 1 and 2 coaches who may be looking to widen their coaching experience before moving on to the next level of coaching.  As the coach: athlete ratio is high, this gives lots of opportunity for the inexperienced coach to learn supported by more experienced individuals. 

Being a member of the forest team at Lagganlia also provides the opportunity for experienced orienteers without formal qualifications to get involved with coaching at this level.  Duties would include putting out and collecting controls, assisting senior coaches, attending briefing sessions.


(Saturday 3rd August   – Saturday 10th August  July 2024)

This camp caters for approximately 20 M/W15’s, many of whom will have previously attended a Lagganlia camp.

Staffing will be of the order of 9-10 coaches and forest team with similar numbers of support staff as Lagganlia. The camp requires a Lead Coach, Assistant Camp Manager and Chefs.

Coaching on this camp seeks to take the athletes to the next level of speed and complexity and expects them to be more confident and proficient in the terrain.


(Saturday 17th August 2023  – Monday 26th August 2024)

This is a camp which is for M/W16’s initiated to ensure enough camps are still available to juniors and give a taste of continental terrain. The camp is in the Jizera mountains near Liberec in the north of the Czech Republic.

Staffing will be of the order of 8 coaches and cater for up to 20 athletes.


(Tuesday 13th  August – Sunday 25th August 2024)

This camp is based at the club hut of OK Ravinen in the environs of Stockholm. There are likely to be about 16 mainly M/W17’s.

In order to keep costs down the athletes are expected to organise their own assembly and to meet up at the hut. Public transport is used extensively on this camp and athletes are expected to be mature and reasonably self sufficient.

Athletes will also compete in local competition throughout the camp.

The number of staff will be of the order of 6 including a Chef and Team Manager.

All members of the camp will join OK Ravinen, thus allowing them free use of the club hut, and also entry to SOFT events.


(Friday 16th  August – Monday 26th August 2024)

The camp will be based in the Savedalens AIK club hut on the outskirts of Gothenburg, this is an ideal centre with plenty of forest right on the door step plus a nice lake for swimming etc. The camp is aimed at providing a group of M/W18’s and 19’s a taste of planning and organising their own training in Scandinavian terrain, as well as supporting themselves by preparing their own meals and organising transportation. The camp will be for the order of 18 athletes.

It is likely that there will only be two senior coaches present to help and guide the athletes and therefore some experience of training in Scandinavia is essential.


(Friday 22 November - Sun 24 November 2024)

The camp at YHA Hawkshead for M/W16s may require Forest Team assistants to hang and collect controls. Details of numbers will be available closer to the time, but you can indicate now if you would be willing to help. A further request will be issued closer to the camp.


Team Manager

Responsible for all aspects of the camp – outside the forest. Accommodation, transport during the camp (but not necessarily to/from the venue) and the general well being of juniors whilst on the camp. Additionally may have responsibility for ordering camp specific clothing and liaising with the chefs to ensure appropriate and adequate nutrition is provided.

They will also be responsible for budgetary control of the camp.

Lead Coach

Responsible for all aspects of the ‘forest’ activities of the group and work with the Team Manager to plan all activities for the week.

Will manage the coaching team, delegating aspects of the training to appropriate coaches. Will be responsible for the health and safety of all athletes within the forest environment.

Is also responsible for producing timely reports on all juniors attending the camp and distributing them to the respective Regional Coordinators.


Responsible to the Team Manager for the preparation of all meals for the camp party members, being cognisant of any special dietary requirements or allergies of attendees.

Responsible for the buying of all required foodstuffs for the period of the camp.

Senior Coaches

Responsible to the Lead Coach for aspects of the coaching programme as decided by the Lead Coach.  Responsible for delivering planned coaching activities to a group of athletes and collection of feedback to inform individual athlete camp reports.

Assistant Coach

Responsible to a senior coach in the delivery of planned coaching activities to individual athletes and collection of feedback to inform individual athlete camp reports.


If you wish to know more please contact the secretary at