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Let me start with each of the camps, but before I do that may I emphasise that the regulations in each of the home countries may change – not to mention those in Sweden – which may affect whatever new plans we put in place.

However whatever the final outcome for these camps it is JROS’s intention to stay within the spirit of the regulations as well as the letter of them.

Lagganlia Camp  (24th -31st July)

At this stage views are mixed and depend on any changes to Scottish regulations. However, over the years we have established a good reputation with City of Edinburgh Council, who own the Lagganlia Outdoor Centre.

As many of you will know in the past we have used lodges in the grounds of Lagganlia in an attempt to keep the cost down. However social distancing may mean we have to use the main building (if it’s available). This needs to be discussed with Lagganlia but contact is still a little difficult due to Lockdown working.

We may also have to accommodate some adults elsewhere, if necessary, in order to reduce the number on site given the regulations on the numbers available for overnight supervision.

Minibus travel, in fact all travel, is also an area that needs to be looked at in greater detail.

Further clarity should come in mid May when Lagganlia opens up. It is hoped that a final decision can be made by  mid June.

If all these fail we will plan to use a further development of the virtual camps used successfully last year and then to follow up with camps later in the year

Deeside Camp (24th -31st July)

As with Lagganlia much depends on Scottish regulation and there is no timetable for when current restrictions will be lifted.

There is a possibility that we could work under Youth Work regulations which may mean attendees sleeping separately by using their own tents. We will keep you informed on this.

As with Lagganlia, if all our efforts fail we will resort to virtual camps and hopefully follow up with short camps later in the year.

Stockholm Camp (17th- 29th August)

As many of you know the COVID numbers in Sweden are still high and the vaccine roll-out is worse than average.  Even if they were to improve there could be the added complications of additional testing and possible quarantine.

Our immediate plan is therefore to create a ‘Stockholm in UK’ camp. Unfortunately, if we are forced to do so, Nick Barrable will be unable to Team Manager and we are therefore very grateful to Pete Tryner who has volunteered to take it on if we move the venue to UK.

Mid July would be the date when we are planning to make our final decisions.

Gothenburg Camp (21st-30th August)

The situation is similar to Stockholm and the key limitations, testing and quarantine, would apply. We will aim to always keep attendees updated about any such limitations as we become aware of them.

It is thought that it may be possible to combine the Stockholm and Gothenburg camps in the UK and work is going ahead to locate suitable venues in such places as the Lake District or South Wales. Lagganlia at the end of August may also be an option.

Coaching Course (19th-23rd July)

Given the limited numbers attending the Coaching Course, it is more likely to go ahead at Lagganlia. A clearer picture should be available by mid May.


Whatever the outcome of all this work it is JROS’s intention to stay within the spirit of the regulations as well as the ‘letter of the law’.


The dates of the camps are given above as currently planned but circumstances may affect them. We will keep you informed of any changes.


Keith Marsden (12/5/21)