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Generic information about Stockholm


The Stockholm training camp is based the club ‘hut’ of OK Ravinen (one of the orienteering clubs based around Stockholm  www4.idrottonline.se/OKRavinen-Orientering). The club hut is in Hellasgården in the Nacka district to the south east and in the suburbs of Stockholm.
It is in the middle of Stockholm’s nearest ‘real forest’ and is easily accessible by public transport. 


Accommodation is in the OK Ravinen club hut. The participants will sleep on the floor in one of two rooms in the building.
The hut is equipped with toilets and showers.
The tour chef prepares all the meals on site and specific dietary needs are catered for. Athletes will be expected to assist with chores during the camp.
There is plenty of space around the hut for outdoor games.


Since the late 1990’s a number of training tours have taken place in Scandinavia with popular venues such as Halden and Uppsalla. These catered for the older age groups and were aimed at providing experience of training and competing in Scandinavian terrain.
With the loss of all junior overseas training tours organised by British Orienteering it was decided in 2011 to organise a camp for M/W17’s based on the OK Ravinen club, thanks to the assistance of Nick Barrable who is a member of that club.
All attendees join OK Ravinen which brings a number of benefits both short and long term. In the short term there is a reduction in the cost of staying in the hut, entry to local races and a free ‘O’ top. In the longer term, many past attendees have used their membership of OK Ravinen to compete in top class Scandinavian competition.


As you would expect there is an abundance of top class orienteering terrain within easy access of the hut. The tour makes use of the extensive Stockholm public transport system to get to training areas and competitions in the Stockholm area.


The camp is aimed at M/W17’s who have achieved the required standard in the nominated selection races (See Stockholm Selection criteria). It is expected that up to 20 M/W17’s will attend. If insufficient M/W17’s qualify the selectors may add suitable M/W16’s.
In support of the camp there is a Tour Manager (TM) who has responsibility for such things as travel, accommodation, food etc.
The TM is supported by a chef and a Lead Coach. The Lead Coach has a team of up to 6 coaches.

Team Manager Report

Staff: Carol Young (Chef), Jon Marsden, Mike Edwards, Rhys Findlay-Robinson, Mary Fleming, Phil Vokes


Eilidh Campbell


Sarah Pedley


Mairi Eades


Kirsty Campbell


Anika Schwarze


Lizzie Stansfield


Alice Wilson


Evie Conway


Megan Keith



Stanley Heap


Thomas Howell


Dominic Dakin


Luke Graham


Alistair Chapman


Matthew Gooch


Peter Molloy


Stockholm 2018 took a similar approach to the previous 6 editions, with the notable exception of Nick jetting off to Canada. This probably made for a slight higher stress level for me when planning the transport arrangements than would have otherwise be the case! But with Phil and Ruslan’s help we got there.

Domestically the group worked well with the teams assisting Carol, keeping the hut reasonably tidy and the washing being done.

In the forest there was a mix of strengths and amount of focus on orienteering. However, there was plenty of opportunity both to train and race and I believe everyone got what they wanted from tour. I need to thank Mary for pushing me to do the Mental skills session and for taking the physical training sessions. These both complemented the competitions and technical training well.

At the Södertörn middle race we achieved podium places in both the men and women’s races and Mike did a good job on our tour’s media presence, getting these and the rest of the week highlighted on club Facebook pages.

Jon Marsden

Stockholm 2018



Tues 14th


Arrive Stockholm


Reflexbana Yellow reflectors from clubhut.

Wed 15th


Luffarligan - we organise



Rerun Luffars courses

Thurs 16th



Orminge - Long legs and Control Picks



Rav Training from Clubhut (3min terrain intervals)

Fri 17th


Samskola - Loops A-G and then 2km course.



Micro sprint Hellasgården

Sat 18th


Club Champs @ Brosjon

Sun 19th


Södertörn Middle distance

Mon 20th



Visualisation and long legs - Nacka



Järfälla Medel

Tues 21st






Ravinen Teknik - Rudan - Andreas & Erik Herne - scale change between longer legs and control picks

Wed 22nd





Luffarligan - Snättringe - Take back LL Kit.



Mental Training



Night course Nacka

Thurs 23rd



Chasing Sprint - Granby



Strength session, optional jog round the lake

Fri 24th



Mixed Sprint Relay - Södermalm - FB OLGY loops




Sat 25th


Sorunda - DM Long

Sun 26th


Sorunda - DM Middle

Tour Co-ordinator – Nick Barrable - comments

Thanks for the team in allowing me to leave the tour after 24 hours on a jolly to NAOC/COC in Canada and see a brother-in-law. After 7 tours in a row (including Strömstad 2016) at this time of year, Mrs. B always complains of ‘never being able to go away in the second half of August as I am always on tour’. Not being one to disappoint, I was delighted to make her wish become a reality in 2018.

As I would not be around I kept numbers a little lower than normal and coaches more plentiful, although that plan was somewhat scuppered by Jon Malley’s flight being cancelled and the alternatives offered being laborious. The team decided they were fine without him. Mike Edwards was more involved in the coaching than I first envisaged and Ruslan Glebov UKR (WOC ’18 Silver – Long Distance) was around for more of the tour than I expected which was a great bonus.

The general formula for the tour continues to be a huge success and at a very reasonable price. The running of a Luffarligan generates £800 for Ravinen, plus the c. £1650 from tour attendees ‘fees’ which includes membership for the rest of the year, a club top, races, accom., and joining in with the club training during tour seems to be keeping Ravinen happy.

Next year we are booked in for 13th – 25th August 2019. I will be around for all of it. We may need to relieve Tony Carlyle of his admin role pre-tour and volunteers greatly appreciated.

As usual, dates are restricted in that any later and you eat into more of Scottish athletes’ school time. Any earlier and the season hasn’t started and there are no races. This year, luckily there was a club champs we could link in with on the first weekend on the day when there was not a race (there was meant to be but it was shelved many months ago in the planning stage.) Earlier dates also clash with other O.

The Melkes Minne Junior Relay that we often do in Södertälje has changed dates to June, which is a bit disappointing. I am told it was not because we normally win lots of prizes but because they think more Swedes will come to a June, rather than an August date. I am not sure if this date change worked.


Eilidh Campbell MAROC
Sarah Pedley SYO
Mairi Eades INT
Kirsty Campbell MAROC
Lizzie Stansfield FVO
Alice Wilson CLYDE
Eve Conway AIRE
Megan Keith INVOC
Anika Schwarze EBOR

Stanley Heap SO
Angus Harrington HH
Thomas Howell SN
Dominic Dakin SYO
Luke Graham MAROC
Alistair Chapman MAROC
Matthew Gooch MAROC
Peter Molloy FVO

Selection Policy


The camp will run from Tuesday 14th August – Sunday 26th August 2018


The camp is predominantly for M/W17s born in 2001 and some top M/W16s born in 2002 will also be selected.

Athletes will not be selected for both the Deeside and the Stockholm camps.


The camp will be for a maximum of 20 athletes


Athletes wishing to be selected will have achieved the standards set out below in the following races;

British Night Champs* 2018 (24th February)
Midland Champs 2018 (18th March)
JK Day 1* 2018 (30th March)
JK Day 2 2018 (31st March)
JK Day 3 2018 (1st April)
Northern Champs 2018 (22nd April)
British Long Distance Champs 2018 (19th May)

Standard for Selection

Athletes wishing to be selected will probably have achieved 125% or less of the winner’s time as averaged over four of the above races.

*Note that any athlete may count ONLY one of the British Night Champs OR JK Day 1 Sprint towards their average of 4 results for selection. 

Selection process

If there are more than the maximum number for the camp who have achieved the required standard then those with the lowest averages will be selected.

The selector may choose not to fill all available places if there are insufficient qualified athletes.

The tour selectors

The tour athletes will be selected by Nick Barrable (SYO and OK Ravinen) and the selections will be reviewed by the Chairman of Selectors of Junior Regional Orienteering Squads (JROS).

Illness or Injury

All cases of illness or injury which may affect an athlete’s ability to compete in one or more of the above selection races should be notified in writing to the athlete’s Regional Squad coordinator prior to the running of that race, clearly explaining the reasons for their failure to compete. The Regional Squad coordinator will make the Selector aware of such notifications prior to the race.