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Generic information about Lagganlia


The Lagganlia training camp is based at the Lagganlia OEC www.lagganlia.com. The centre is close to Feshie Bridge and Kincraig and is located within easy reach of some of the best orienteering terrain in the UK.
The region around the river Spey contains such great areas as Inshriach, Loch Vaa, Anagach and many others. In fact the centre is on the Inshriach map and has its own orienteering map which is used for training.


Accommodation is in small en suite rooms in a number of separate cabins. The tour chef prepares all the meals on site and specific dietary needs are catered for.
There is a washing machine and plenty of room for outdoor games.
Athletes will be expected to assist with minor chores during the camp.


Lagganlia has been used for this tour since 1995 and during that time over 400 juniors have attended the camp. This has included many World Class athletes including most members of the current GB Performance and Talent squads.
The camp is held around the last week of July – in those years when the Scottish 6-days is being held it is the week before and transport is arranged to the event centre at the end of the week.


As indicated above there are many top class orienteering areas close by. In addition Lagganlia is only an hour’s drive from the Moray coast and its sand dune areas of Roseisle, Lossie and Culbin.
Recently there have been a number of areas which have restrictions due to the presence of capercaillie but there still remains sufficient areas to satisfy the camps needs.


The camp is aimed at M/W14’s who have been nominated by their Region, up to a total of 24. On the occasions when 24 athletes do not qualify remaining places may be allocated to M/W15’s who have not already attended the camp.
In support of the camp there is a Tour Manager (TM) who has responsibility for such things as travel, accommodation, food etc.
The TM is supported by a chef and a Lead Coach. The Lead Coach has a team of up to 14 coaches which means that this camp has a high coach: athlete ratio.


Download/view the Team Managers Report as a PDF


Oscar Anglim CLOK
Evan Bowers HH
Jake Chapman MAROC
Zac Hudd BOK
Eoghan Knight LVO
Ben Parkinson FVO
Tom Wood ERYRI
Joe Wright MAROC

Sofie Andersen BOK
Ellie Bales POTOC
Anna Barber LEI
Bethany Kippin TVOC
Jura MacMillan ECKO
Grace Molloy FVO
Daisy Partridge SOS
Tara Schwarze-Chintapatha EBOR
Millie Stagg BOK
Lucy Tonge BOK
Sakia Warren NN
Imogen Wilson LEI

Selection policy

Selection policy for attendance at the Lagganlia Training camp (2014).
Download the selection policy as a PDF


The camp will run from 9th-16th August 2014 


The Camp is principally for M/W14’s born in 2000, but may include M/W15’s born in 1999 (see below)


The camp will be for a maximum of 24 juniors.


Each of the 12 British Orienteering Regional Associations may nominate up to 2 eligible M/W14 athletes, as defined above, who have achieved the standard set out below. In addition reserves may be nominated (M/W14 or M/W15) who have achieved the standard. In the selection process M/W14s will take precedence over all M/W15s.

If a Region has no junior who has achieved the qualifying standard that Region may nominate a junior who they believe would benefit from attendance on the tour.

In addition a Region may nominate other athletes who they feel are worthy of selection but who have failed to satisfy the qualifying standard. Such nominations must be supported by a statement from the Regional Coordinator.

All nominations should be listed in a ranked order by the Region, with number 1 being their top choice.


Athletes wishing to be selected will have achieved the standards set out below in the following races;

Scottish Championships 2013  (24th May)
Southern Championships 2013 (14th April) or 2014 (26th January
Midland Champs 2013 (3rd Feb)
Northern Championships 2013 (23rd June) or 2014 (4th May)
JK Day 2 2013 (30th March) or 2014 (19th April)
JK Day 3 2013 (31st March) or 2014 (20th April)
British Long Distance Champs 2013 (4th May)
British Middle Distance Champs 2013 (21st April)
Northern Ireland Champs 2013 (12th October)

Qualifying standard

M/W14’s Juniors being nominated will have achieved championship standard in at least one of the above races.

Nominated M/W15’s will have achieved a championship standard at M/W16 or at M/W14 in at least one of the above races.

Selection Process

The priority for selection will be (for more detail see below);

  • 2 athletes per Region with qualifying standard
  • Additional qualifying athletes
  • Athletes nominated by Regions with no qualifying athletes
  • Additional nominations

All nominated athletes (without qualifying criteria) must be agreed by the selectors whose decisions will be final.

The two M/W14 athletes from each Region with qualifying standard will be selected first.

They will then be followed by any M/W14’s with qualifying standard not yet selected.

If there are still spaces the selectors may select M/W14 athletes nominated by a Region who has no athletes who have achieved the qualifying standard.

If there are spaces the selectors will then select from the M/W15’s, with qualifying standard.

If there are still spaces the selectors may select from the remaining nominated athletes who have not achieved the qualifying standard.

At all times selections continue up to the maximum number of athletes on tour or until the selectors deem there are sufficient athletes selected of an acceptable standard.

If there are two or more athletes with equal results and fewer places available, the selectors may seek further information from the Regional squad, with positions attained at British Championships and JK being the differentiator.

The tour selectors

Susan Marsden (SEOA) Sue Roome (NWOA) Pauline Olivant (EMOA).

Selections will be announced via e-mail by JROS Secretary or Chair. The Regional Coordinators will be informed of all athletes attending a few days before the athletes are informed.

Any disagreement with selections should be addressed to the Chair, not the selectors.

Calculation of Championship time

For details of the calculation of championship standard times refer to;