Junior Regional

Junior Regional
Orienteering Squads


Generic information about JIRC


The Junior Interregional Championships is an annual competition between the twelve Junior Regional Squads. First organised by YHOA in 1989 the competition is organised in rotation by the 12 Regional Associations.
For many years it took place in late June but has recently changed to the early autumn.
The competition consists of an Individual race on the Saturday followed by a Relay on the Sunday.
An agreed scoring system determines the winner on each day and the overall winner.


Each region enters a team made up of up to 4 M/W14’s, 16’s and 18’s – a total of 24 athletes. The relay teams are made up of one M/W16 plus one M/W14 plus one M/W18. being 8 teams in all per Region.


JIRC's Guidelines


The full results are on the Walton Chasers website

Team scores

  Individual Relay Totals
  Boys Girls Boys Girls Ind Relay Boys Girls Overall
EAOA 71 52 69 72 123 141 140 124 264
EMOA 68 88 81 90 156 171 149 178 327
NEOA 36 34 24 30 70 54 60 64 124
NIOA 35 36 48 21 71 69 83 57 140
NWOA 96 115 117 117 211 234 213 232 445
SCOA 68 62 12 48 130 60 80 110 190
SEOA 82 33 93 0 115 93 175 33 208
SOA 132 133 141 135 265 276 273 268 541
SWOA 98 95 96 63 193 159 194 158 352
WMOA 79 44 87 87 123 174 166 131 297
WOA 62 67 42 57 129 99 104 124 228
YHOA 69 113 72 135 182 207 141 248 389


  Ind Relay Boys Girls Overall
1 SOA (265) SOA (276) SOA (273) SOA (268) SOA (541)
2 NWOA (211) NWOA (234) NWOA (213) YHOA (248) NWOA (445)
3 SWOA (193) YHOA (207) SWOA (194) NWOA (232) YHOA (389)
4 YHOA (182) WMOA (174) SEOA (175) EMOA (178) SWOA (352)
5 EMOA (156) EMOA (171) WMOA (166) SWOA (158) EMOA (327)
5 SCOA (130) SWOA (159) EMOA (149) WMOA (131) WMOA (297)
6 WOA (129) EAOA (141) YHOA (141) EAOA / WOA (124) EAOA (264)
8 EAOA / WMOA (123) WOA (99) EAOA (140)   WOA (228)
9   SEOA (93) WOA (104) SCOA (110) SEOA (208)
10 SEOA (115) NIOA (69) NIOA (83) NEOA (64) SCOA (190)
11 NIOA (71) SCOA (60) SCOA (80) NIOA (57) NIOA (140)
12 NEOA (70) NEOA (54) NEOA (60) SEOA (33) NEOA (124)


Pre-event info

Please note that ALL COMPETITORS MUST CARRY A WHISTLE on both days as Cannock Chase is subject to mining subsidence. Please ensure all competitors have read the note below.

This is a Compulsory Notice from our Insurers in order to make you aware of a potential hazard that you may not otherwise be aware of:

The competition area is undermined and liable to mining subsidence. Any areas marked Out of Bounds, close to known infilled fissure lines, must be strictly avoided. Care should be taken as new fissures could suddenly appear away from these known areas.

Competitors take part at their own risk.


Weekend Coordinator:                  Mel Elkington (OD) 01926 854639, 07941 352053

Individual Day Organisers:           Neil & Mary Adams (WCH)

Relay Day Organiser:                     Mel Elkington (OD)

Entries:                                              Mel Elkington (OD)

The closest local hospital for the whole weekend is:

Stafford, Weston Road, Stafford. ST16 3SA

Individual Races

Saturday 26th September

Brereton Spurs, Stile Cop Road, Rugeley. OS GRID SK038151

The nearest postcode is WS15 1ND

Please note that there will be a car parking charge of £1 for cars and £5 for minibuses – if you need a receipt please ask Mel for one.

Travel Directions

The event car park and assembly are located approximately 1 mile SW of Rugeley, just off the A460 (Stile Cop Road). The assembly area is at OS grid reference SK039163. The nearest postcode is WS15 1ND. The location will be signed from the A51 roundabout in Rugeley town centre.


2014 winners please remember to return your trophies to the Enquiries tent early on Saturday.


The assembly area is in a large field which has plenty of space for club tents.  We will not be providing any alternative cover.

Please report to First Aid / Enquiries on arrival to collect your information bag which will include your relay registration form (which needs to be returned, fully completed, to Enquiries before you leave the event) and food vouchers for Sunday’s lunch. Please note there is a £40 charge for any dibbers lost or not returned.

Climbing Wall and inflatable assault course to keep everyone entertained through the afternoon.

The assembly field has been recently used for cattle grazing therefore hand washing is strongly advised before eating.


There will be three toilets located in the assembly field.

Map & Control Descriptions

Maps will be printed on waterproof paper. Control Descriptions will be on the map and loose ones will be available in the start lanes.


Age Class






Length (km)

Climb (m)


Climb (m)




















There is one start, in the assembly field. This gives teams the chance to watch and cheer their runners as they start. There will be a taped route out of the field and then along a path to the start banner.

Start times are from 1.00 pm (start lists to follow).


Brereton Spurs consist of a gentle Western slope climbing to a ridge. East of the ridge the land drops away into a series of steep spurs and re-entrants. Due the warm and wet late summer, the bracken in the open areas, mostly on the lower SE facing slopes, is very high and should be avoided. Bracken is less high in the forest but there is more low bramble, a bit more extensive than mapped. All roads around the area are out of bounds. Fields marked out of bounds must not be crossed.

Finish and Download

There is one finish for all competitors which in the Assembly area. Download will be located nearby in the Assembly field.

First Aid

There will be a First Aid kit available via Mel.

Safety & Advice for Competitors

All roads are out of bounds, and do not cross any fences into the other OOB areas.

There is a section of ruined barbed wire fence with strands lying on the ground in the NE of the area just south of some OOB fields. Look for tapes and please take care.

In the past there has been coal mining below the area. It is possible but unlikely that fissures could appear suddenly on the area. Runners should avoid any area that shows signs of fresh deposits of soil or sand.

Please note that the area is also used by horses, dog walkers and bike riders. Please respect their right to be there.

Day Organisers:      Neil & Mary Adams (WCH)

Planner:                    Alan Williams ( WCH)

Controller:                Barry McGowan ( HOC)


The Weston Road Academy, Blackheath Lane, Stafford. ST18 OYG

Sleeping on the floor so sleeping bags /mats will be needed. Unfortunately there is now only one female shower and one male shower available. We have access only to the two sports halls and the toilets at the school. There is plenty of room outside for football.

Evening meals, teas & coffees, breakfast and lunch will be provided by O Nosh throughout the weekend. You will be issued with meal tickets for Sundays’ lunch.

We will provide bin bags for litter please put all your rubbish in these to save work for us.


Meal 5.00 pm onwards

Prize giving 8.00 pm

Coordinators meeting 8.30 pm

School closed 10.30 pm

Lights out 10.45 pm

Asleep 10.46pm Shh……  Nite. Nite

Breakfast from 6.30 am

Leave the school by 8.00 am

School closes at 8.30 am

Relay Races

Sunday 27th September

Oldacre, Camp Road, Brocton. Nearest postcode ST17

Grid Reference  SJ 97086 18295.

Event will be sign posted from the A34 onto Camp Road.

Please note that competitors MUST use the footbaths both into and out of the competition area.

Start times

9.00 Men

9.10 Women

9.20 Ad Hoc

Area description

Oldacre is typical Cannock Chase lowland heath, consisting of generally runnable open heath, with areas of forest and scattered trees. The area has a central valley (Oldacre) which is steeper at the Northern end and flatter and faster to the South. There are a multitude of paths of varying widths, some quite small, so juniors need to keep a sharp eye for junctions. At present there is a lot of undergrowth, so the courses have been planned to avoid the worst of this. However routes still pass through quite a lot of scattered bramble so gaiters are strongly recommended.


The assembly area overlooks the valley and gives good views of both the spectator control and the run in. There is room for club tents

The assembly area is next to the car parking.


There will be three toilets in the car park/ assembly area.

Race Numbers

Red - Leg 1; White - Leg 2 ; Blue - Leg 3

Please bring your own safety pins for the numbers.


Maps are 1:10,000 and will be printed on waterproof paper.

As this is a relay there are no separate control descriptions, but they are printed on the front of the map.


Age Class



Ad Hoc


Approx. distance

Approx. distance

Approx. distance


3.2 km

2.8 km

2.8 km


4.1 km

3.5 km

3.4 km


5.2 km

4.2 km

4.1 km

Spectator Loop

There is spectator control close to the assembly area, with approximately 1 km to run until the finish. This should give 2nd and 3rd leg runners plenty of warning to prepare for their changeover.

Finish and Download

There is one finish for all competitors, which is next to the assembly area. 

Download tent will be located in the assembly area.

Safety & Advice for Competitors

Do not cross any fences into Out Of Bounds areas.

All roads are out of bounds.

In the past there has been coal mining below the area. It is possible but unlikely that fissures could appear suddenly on the area. Runners should avoid any area that shows signs of fresh deposits of soil or sand.

Please note that the area is also used by horses, dog walkers and bike riders. Please respect their right to be there.

First Aid

There will be a first Aid kit available but no formally appointed first aider.

Thanks go to:

Staffordshire County Council, Forestry Commission & Walton Chasers for use of both areas.

Weston Road Academy for letting us use their school

And of course all the helpers whatever their role this weekend. We couldn’t put on an event without them.

Thank you for entering, good luck to you all, we hope you find the courses challenging and enjoyable, and we hope you enjoy your weekend with us.

Relay Organiser    Mel Elkington    (OD)

Planner                  Barry Elkington (OD)

Controller              Mark Garside     (WCH)

On the day assistant controllers Andy Yeates & Dave Thomas ( WCH)