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Generic information about Czech


The Czech training camp is based at Potkávárna u Havrana (https://www.potkavarnauhavrana.cz/?lang=en). This is in the Jizera mountains near Liberec in the north of the Czech Republic. You can walk straight out of the door onto orienteering maps in all directions. It is in the same region as the World Orienteering Championships 2021.


Accommodation is in en-suite hostel style rooms varying between 4 and 9 people per room. The accommodation also provides all catering and any specific dietary needs can be catered for. The accommodation is surrounded by forest and also has two llamas living in an enclosure right outside. Athletes will be expected to assist with minor chores during the camp.


This is a new camp for 2022, initiated to ensure enough camps are still available to juniors after the loss of another British Orienteering junior tour. It should be a bridge between the UK-based tours for younger juniors and the Scandinavian tours for older juniors. It was started by Ben Windsor who has family links with the Czech Republic and the owners of the accommodation.


There are two major types of terrain nearby. Straight out of the door is the more vague and physically tough mountain terrain as used for the middle distance race in WOC 2021. The second is spectacular “rock city” terrain with huge sandstone rock pillars and mini-mazes between crags, which is less than an hour’s drive and similar to terrain used for the WOC 2021 long race.


The camp is aimed at M/W16s who have achieved the required standard in the nominated selection races (See Czech Selection criteria). The size of the camp can vary based on how many people meet the selection criteria, but this is expected to be around 16-20 athletes. In support of the camp there is a Tour Manager (TM) who has responsibility for such things as travel, accommodation, food etc. The TM is supported by a Lead Coach. The Lead Coach has a team of around 8 coaches.

Selection Policy


James Hammond FVO
Sam Hunt FVO
Angus Laird INVOC
Freddie Lake SBOC
Reuben Lawson NGOC
Oliver Prince SOS
Ruben Razzetti BL
Conrad Reuber SYO

Sarah Darley GO
Jocie Hilton SN
Ciara Keen SYO
Cate Matthew SROC
Maggie Soulsby HH
Rose Taylor NGOC
Jessica Ward NGOC
Amelia Wing BKO


The camp will run from Saturday 13th August – Saturday 20th August.


The camp is for M/W16’s born in 2006.


The camp will be for around 16 athletes, the final number being determined by the Selectors and the Team Manager.


Athletes wishing to be selected will have achieved the standard set out below in the following races;

British Long Distance Champs 2022 (26th March)

Northern Championships Weekend middle distance 2022 (2nd April)

Northern Championships 2022 (3rd April)

JK Day 2 2022 (16th April)

JK Day 3 2022 (17th April)

Standard for selection

The best three results will be considered from the selection races. It is expected that a good silver standard average will be achieved.

The tour selectors

The tour athletes will be selected by Susan Marsden (Chair), Pauline Olivant and Sue Roome.

Illness or injury

All cases of illness or injury which may affect an athlete’s ability to compete in one or more of the above selection races should be notified in writing to the athletes Regional Squad coordinator prior to the running of that race, clearly explaining the reasons for their failure to compete. The Regional Squad Coordinator will make the Selectors aware of such notifications.