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Junior Regional
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Over the past few weeks the Team Managers, Lead Coaches and others have been liaising with team members, accommodation suppliers, land owners and others as well as being cognisant of Government (UK and Scottish) regulations in order to make a considered judgement.

Looking forward, the camp staff  intend to investigate possible ways of providing some of the coaching and social aspects of the camps for athletes who are selected during 2020.

JROS will also investigate ways in which further coaching can be made available to those selected for this year’s camps.

Any proposal will be brought to the JROS AGM for consideration.

JROS would like to thank all those who have diligently investigated ways of continuing with the 2020 Scottish camps and the Coaching Course and would have wished for a better outcome.

JROS would also like to thank all the Regional Coordinators for their cooperation in providing nominations for the camps.

A further notice regarding the status of the 2020 Stockholm and Gothenburg camps will be issued towards the end of June as and when the situation within Sweden and for travel there and back is clearer.